Ibambo Clinic & Health Centre

When visited in 2011 this new facility was still in its early stages with the building works being hampered by lack of rains.


2016 update

Sadly even though the building of the clinic is now complete the clinic is still not open. The problem is that there now needs to be a staff house and toilets before Kaliua District will register the clinic. FUM have been told the government could find staff but cannot do this until the staff house and toilets are in place.

Maybe this is a project the Kaliua District, the local population and FUM can work on together? Certainly there is a great need for a medical facility in Ibambo which is a long way from the nearest clinic and even further from the hospital in Urambo.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer



The clinic building is at last nearing completion.
Cranbrook School students have painted the inside of the building, leaving the builders to complete the external rendering and painting.

Hopefully the clinic will open in the not too distant future.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer

Zoom in to see the completed Health Centre