Medical support

Medical facilities in Tabora Region, even in the towns with hospitals, are limited. Any help that medical personnel from UK can give is very welcome and very much appreciated by the local staff. FUM can help in several ways.

FUM has many years experience of helping medical volunteers gain a suitable placement, find reliable accommodation and also help with the logistics of travel from UK and within Tanzania.

Volunteers can be confident that they will be very well received, will have plenty of medical responsibility and that overall it will be a great, possibly life-changing experience.

Three examples are given below but others are possible and have included dentistry and hospital equipment.

Please use our Contact form to discuss possibilities.

Medical Electives

In March/April 2019 two more UK doctors spent their six week 'elective' training at Urambo Hospital, staying at the nearby FDC. As well as doing invaluable work in the over-stretched hospital they…

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Nurses in Nzega

Five nurses from London travelled to Tanzania with a FUM group and spent 3 weeks using their skills in Nzega Hospital.

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